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Product Information


  • Product Type: Condom
  • Brand: Panther
  • 3 Condoms in each pack
  • The dotted texture ensures more friction between partners during intercourse
  • Dotted condoms intensify the love making session and ensure extra pleasure for female during intercourse
  • Provides a better fit and feel during lovemaking.

Panther is the best selling condom brand of SMC. Introduced in 1986, it is the most popular condom brand of Bangladesh. Safe sex can be an incredible way of bringing two people closer together. Panther Dotted Condoms are highly effective against the most dangerous of sexually transmitted infections—HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. They are also effective against unintended pregnancy as well as against gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. Panther Dotted condoms have been designed to provide the same high level of security and protection.


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