Endoscopy of Upper Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT)

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  1. Don't eat or drink for 8-12 hours
  2. At the time of the Machine test (like X-ray, sonography, ecg & more)  you might be asked to remove cloths, any metallic coins, jewelry, metal wrist watches, metallic keys, dentures or hearing aids as the X-ray/sonography uses strong radiation/magnetic fields
  3. Tell your radiologist if you have metallic implants like pacemaker, cochlear implants, aneurysm clips, neuro-stimulator, surgical staples/clips or drug implants.

    Endoscopy of Upper Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT)

    An endoscopy is a test to look inside your body.

    A long, thin tube with a small camera inside, called an endoscope, is passed into your body through a natural opening such as your mouth.

    Your GP may refer you for an endoscopy if you're having certain symptoms. It will usually be done at an endoscopy unit in a hospital.

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